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The Story of a Photographer

Hello!!! As I am sure you know by now, my name is Kie Thurman, Kie is short for Kielie! I'm a versatile, editorial style photographer with a mixture of posed and documentary shots, but it's such a small way to describe what I love doing. I love capturing the most pure moments with you and your lover, I love getting the perfectly weird editorial shot, and I even love snapping the pictures of you screaming in each others faces at your favorite band's show. I've been passionate about photography for years now, and even in my times of not shooting anything I always felt inspired and itched to shoot something new.

I started off wanting the perfect bokeh shot for Tumblr (or maybe a saturated picture of my Starbucks drink), and then moved to doing photos at local metal shows which eventually I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph bands like Chelsey Grin, Fit For An Autopsy and more. (Those photos are so deep in the archive you can find them on my Facebook page!) I then started doing lifestyle and fashion portraits, learning so much more than I ever have and taking it more seriously than ever. I swore off couples photos, weddings, and all things serious for ages until I had friends ask me to do some for fun. I realized there is not a style of photography I will never not try, and how much I truly love doing this. I love adding in elements to my client work to make it more creative and fun, and personal, for the both of us.

As for me outside of photography, I have a sweet dog named Dean who I got in May of 2020. My favorite shows are The Office, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Ghost Adventures, Gossip Girl, and I looove Marvel movies! I've lived in Huntsville, AL since I was 7, but I plan on exploring the states :-) One of the things I love so much that no one talks about when doing photography is the friends you end up making. I love making fiends out of my clients. You bet our ass I will be getting down on the dance floor with you! I'm excited to get to know you more if you chose to work with me! Please feel free to ask any questions to feel more comfortable if you need to. Let's make magic :)

I am LGBTQI+ friendly




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